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Episode 35 - A Few Good Men (part 1)

YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH! Yep it's time for that movie with the very famous line that has been parodied at least 10,000 times in pop culture. Ginger joins me to discuss Aaron Sorkin's 1st screenplay that is honestly way better than it has any right to be considering it's a very serious military legal drama. Please note: We stuff up military & legal jargon at absolutely every turn while also continuously scoffing at the obsession with "codes" and calling people sir, so be warned if you're a military aficionado because you're gonna get so mad at us, lol!


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Minisode 17 - Interview with the Camp-vire

If you enjoyed the discussion about how homoerotic Top Gun was then you're probably going to like this minisode! Ava & I discuss Lestat and Louis' relationship, debating how queer they actually were & how different the film might have been if made now & not the deeply homophobic early 90s. Join us as discuss their toxic relationship, obsessive love, loss & other vampiry things!


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Episode 34 - Interview with the Vampire (part 2)

Ava & I are back with part 2 of Interview with the Vampire where we whinge about Louis some more before Lestat makes his stunning comeback(s). Join us as we delve into the wild world of how Tom Cruise prepares himself for film roles, the special/makeup effects, how much it would have cost Brad Pitt to leave the film & we discover a brand new Tom Cruisism!


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Episode 33 - Interview with the Vampire (part 1)

If ever there was a role that Tom Cruise absolutely smashed, defying all expectations as a Hollywood mega star, it has to be 1994's Interview with the Vampire. I am joined by Ava who is well versed in vampire lore, to discuss this dramatic, visually pleasing and often homoerotic film co-starring Brad Pitt and Kirstin Dunst. Join us as we cover vampire stereotypes, the morality of feeding upon racists and endlessly complain about Louis and his complaining, 


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Minisode 16 - Was Top Gun Queer on Purpose?

We all know that volleyball scene was pretty dang homoerotic, but what about the rest of Top Gun? Josie & I explore the queer undercurrent of the 80s action classic after enjoying a deep dive on the topic by feminist write Clementine Ford.


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Artwork for this episode is by Caragh Brooks.

Episode 32 - Top Gun

Taaaake my breath awaaaayyyyyy! Yes folks, we're finally reviewing the film from which my title music comes from; Top Gun! I am joined by Josie who had never seen this giant advert for the military before & was as delighted as I am by the excessively sweaty naked man content! Join us as we delve into the world of FIGHTERTOWN, USA where women are scarce, volleyball is played in jeans, toxic masculinity gets nice people killed, frosted tips everywhere, the antagonist just wanting his team mates to stay alive & so much more.


Josie's podcast is A Hill To Die On  or find her on twitter @jsspcr

Artwork for this episode is by Caragh Brooks.

Minisode 15 - Mission: Impossible Recapped

Because I couldn't quite let Mission: Impossible go, here is one final minisode dedicated to the franchise before I finally move on. I am joined by Liam who reviewed Valkyrie with me way back in episode 5 to run through all of the best (and worst) bits of the series where we discuss the best stunts and mask reveals, suggest possible replacements for Ethan Hunt if the series continues without Tom Cruise, bitch endlessly about JJ Abrams and rank the film from best to worst.


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Minisode 14 - The Future of Mission: Impossible

Now that all of the Mission: Impossible films have been reviewed, it's time to speculate about the two upcoming films that are currently being filmed simultaneously! Join Britt and I as we discuss possible locations, threats, villains and, of course, dizzying stunts and whether or not they'll involve tanks or bicycles.


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Episode 31 - Mission: Impossible Fallout (part 2)

It's here! The stunning conclusion to the review of the greatest Tom Cruise film ever made; Fallout! Britt and I wrap up the incredible end of the film (involving nuclear bombs, shocking returns from the past, helicopters, getting Harvey Dented and fist fights on cliff tops) before giving it our RECORD BREAKING reviews and chucking in some slash fan fiction at the end for good measure. BAM BAM!


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Episode 30 - Mission: Impossible Fallout (part 1)

We're finally here! The latest Tom Cruise film, the 6th in the M:I franchise, the very one that turned me into the Tom Cruise superfan I am today: Fallout! I am joined by Britt who has been watching the movies for the 1st time along with the podcast, who thankfully had as much fun as I did with this absolute banger of a film. Join us as we go through every stunt in minute detail, compare parts of the movie to Dumb & Dumber, Batman and Tap Dogs and that infamous fistcock moment.


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Minisode 13 - How Mission: Impossible 2 Killed Napster

Back in the year 2000, Metallica's song "I Disappear" was to feature on the M:I 2 soundtrack but months before it was due to be released, radio stations were already playing it. And thus the epic law suit of Metallica vs Napster, the early P2P program, made history. Jimmy & I discuss this fascinating story of the court case that divided the music industry & has had ongoing ramifications for physical media ever since.


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Episode 29  - Mission Impossible Rogue Nation (part 2)

It's time for part 2 of my in depth discussion of M:I Rogue Nation with Jimmy! There are high speed chases with surprising amount of comedy, motorcycle crashes, deception, Benji Bombs, masks and romance?! Join us as we finish off this wonderful movie together and start getting excited for Fallout!


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Episode 28  - Mission  Impossible Rogue Nation (part 1)

It's time for the incredible 5th installment of the M:I series and this time I'm joined by Jimmy who helps me do a deep dive into this film! From the mind boggling stunts involving airplanes, free diving, opera theatres and a big metal pole, we go through the 1st half of the film with a fine tooth comb, discussing how the series has changed since it's humble beginnings in 1996.


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