Here are all of the latest episodes of Cruisin' for a Reviewsin'. They are hosted on Soundcloud and are currently released every two weeks, with a mini episode (or minisode) in between).


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Minisode 8 - Tommy Tom Tom Cruise Boy Trivia

Monday 9th February 2020

In this weeks minisode, Shan & I go through a list of random Tom Cruise trivia that seems largely made up or at least highly embellished, and we manage to come up with his brand new nickname!


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Episode 18 - Mission Impossible

Monday 2nd February 2020

It's here, folks! It's time to finally start reviewing the 'Mission Impossible' films! This will be the only time I review and Tom films consecutively, so strap yourself in and let's talks about 1996's 'Mission Impossible'! I'm jointed by Shan where we discuss Kittridge's expensive fedora, unexplained sexual chemistry, biting rats & bags full of masks.


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Minisode 7 - No one else is allowed to rank Tom Cruise films any more and here's why

Monday 24th February 2020

In this minisode, Maddy & I go through a list of all of Tom's films ranked worst to best and discuss why they're mostly incredibly wrong. Anyone who thinks 'Tropic Thunder' is a better film than 'Fallout' is a terrible person who doesn't belong in polite society. Also, if you've been wondering what my opinions on every single one of his films are in two sentences or less, we have you covered!


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Episode 17 - Jerry Maguire

Monday 17th February 2020

SHOW ME THE MONEY! Oh yes, it's time for the film that's absolutely packed with memorable quotes; 'Jerry Maguire'! A film that's often been described as a rom-com for dudes, 1996's 'Jerry Maguire' features an eye-watering amount of sports that is almost balanced out by an impressive amount of Tom Cruise nudity & an adorable child who steals the show from just about everyone. Join Maddy & I as we discuss the sexist undertones, the absurdity of marrying someone after one shag & why there wasn't a spin-off for the man-hating sister who was honestly the only reasonable character in the whole film.


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Episode 16 - Legend (part 2)

Monday 10th February 2020

We're back with part two of our 'Legend' review. If you thought Rachel & I got pretty detail-heavy in the 1st part, strap yourselves in because we go DEEP! Join as we deep dive into topics such as fairy kisses, unexpected tantrums, shitty pies, morph suits, gyrating demons & juicy boys. We also spend a fair amount of time discussing Tom's groin again, just in case you were wondering.


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Episode 15 - Legend (part 1)

Monday 3rd February 2020

After a short break from 80s films, we're back with Ridley Scott's 1985 dark fantasy 'Legend'. Released right in the middle of the wave of dark fantasy films of the 80s, Legend is a bit of an anomaly, and definitely Tom's least Tom Cruisey role. Join Rachel & I as we discuss the outstanding SFX makeup, the breathtaking unicorns, the confusing script, the bewildering dialogue, Tim Curry's epic laugh and the many shots of Tom's groin. 


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Minisode 6 - Time Loop Movies

Monday 27th January 2020

In this minisode, Tom and I talk about other films, TV shows and even books that feature time loops, discussing some of our favourites and even touching on other popular time-based plot devices such as the alternate timelines, aka the "Sliding Doors" moment.


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Episode 14 - Edge of Tomorrow

Monday 20th January 2020

We're back with a big, actiony sci-fi film this week where I review 2014's 'Edge of Tomorrow' with Tom, who is a passionate fan of sci fi (but less so of Tom Cruise... the audacity). Based on a Japanese book called 'All You Need Is Kill' this is a classic time-loop film where we see Tom die MANY times, sometimes horrifically & sometimes hilariously. It's also one of the rare time we see Tom play a character who's bad at what he does!


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Minisode 5 - The Many Hairdo's of Tom Cruise

Monday 13th January 2020

Of all of the things people focus on with Tom Cruise's appearance, his hair isn't often up there as the most talked about. But as Sally and I discover in this light minisode, he is a man with many famous hairstyles! Join as as we discuss our favourites, the worst ones and what we'd like to see him try next.


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Minisode 4 - Disciples of Xenu

Monday 6th January 2020

In this not-at-all-mini episode, Benjamin and I deep dive into the personal life of Tom Cruise. Ben takes the reins on this episode, asking me a number of questions about my obsession with Tom before we get very in-depth about his personal life including his relationships, acting methods and, of course, Scientology.


Find Ben on twitter: @benjungles and instagram: @toontownexpress

Episode 12 - Vanilla Sky

Monday 23rd December 2019

It's finally time for my lovely husband Benjamin to join me on the podcast to discuss 2001's 'Vanila Sky'. Neither of us knew anything about this film upon our first watch but we were both pleasantly surprised by it. Join us as we discuss dreams, dad rock, weird masks, Michael Shannon and, once again, cum. Also I have a small cry about the ending. It's a good time.


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Episode 11 - Eyes Wide Shut (part 2)

Monday 16th December 2019

This week Chloe and I continue discussing 'Eyes Wide Shut', kicking off with the infamous sex cult party which was very underwhelming and included absolutely no Tom Cruise nudity whatsoever. We debate the clothing choices for the sex cult ladies, creepy sleep-laughing and disappointing the necrophiliac crowd.


Find Chloe on instagram/twitter: @chloecazz

Episode 10 - Eyes Wide Shut (part 1)

Monday 9th December 2019

It's another Tom & Nic film but we've fast forwarded to 1999's 'Eyes Wide Shut' which is probably one of Tom's most controversial films because of its racy themes. Does it live up to the hype? Chloe & I go through the first half of the film where we discuss infidelity, fantasies, threesomes & sowing "genetic material".


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Minisode 3 - Days of Thunder trivia

Monday 2nd December 2019

In this minisode we continue our discussion on 'Days of Thunder' because this film had a heck load of trivia that we couldn't fit into the main episode. Find out which plot points and characters were based on real Nascar events/people, who got a speeding ticket during filming & which other actresses were considered for the role of Dr Lewicki.


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Episode 9 - Days of Thunder

Monday 25th November 2019

In this episode on 1990's 'Days of Thunder' I'm joined by Bec who is a huge fan of car racing so we learn a lot about some of the technical aspects of racing that helped make this movie even more fun. Edutainment! Plus we discover a Simpsons reference and count Tom's nipple hairs.


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Episode 8 - Knight and Day (part 2)

Monday 18th November 2019

It's part 2 of our review of 'Knight and Day' where we delve into more of the things Tom Cruise does that we find really attractive (namely eating an ice cream), the stunts, more druggings & gashes?


Find Lauren on facebook/twitter/insta: @laurenstardust

Episode 7 - Knight and Day (part 1)

Monday 11th November 2019

It's the first two-parter for the podcast because I am joined by my best friend Lauren who is also a HUGE Tom Cruise fan and we go off on many ridiculous tangents (mostly about how hot Tom is). We cover the 2010 film 'Knight and Day' which neither of us had heard of previously but thoroughly enjoyed. Please note: there's a lot of hysterical laughter, mic bumps & rude jokes in this episode.


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Minisode 2 - Can Tom Cruise dance?

Monday 4th November 2019

It's another minisode where Amanda & I discuss whether or not Tom Cruise can dance and rate his most famous dance moments.


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Episode 6 - Risky Business

Monday 28th October 2019

We're back in the 80s with Risky Business where I'm joined by Amanda who also had no idea how much darker this film was than how it presents itself in pop culture. We discuss how they cover the topics of sex work, capitalism, losing your innocence & the logistics of setting up a one-night-only brothel in your parents house. 


Find Amanda on instagram: @hartleylove

Episode 5 - Valkyrie

Monday 14th October 2019

We take things a little more seriously this week as we're reviewing the 2008 WWII film 'Valkyrie'. I'm joined by Liam where we discuss how close this film got to actual history, whether or not Tom had a stunt butt and grappled with the idea of empathising with literal Nazi's in a film directed by a Very Awful Man.


Check out Liam's podcast Flawless: A Music Podcast whever you listen to podcasts.

Minisode 1 - Critics reviews of Cocktail

Monday 7th October 2019

My first mini episode (or "minisode" for fun), a smaller version to tide you over between full podcast episodes. This week Jade & I read the many terrible reviews written about Cocktail when it first came out. So many alcohol puns!



Find Jade on social media @styleandspace or styleandspace.com.au

Episode 4 - Cocktail

Monday 30th September 2019

It's time for an 80s classic and this week we've chosen 1988's Cocktail. I'm joined by Jade who really appreciates Tom's luscious, 80s hair but not so much the rampant sexism and certainly not Coughlin's Law.


Find Jade on social media @styleandspace or styleandspace.com.au

Episode 3 - Oblivion

Monday 16th September 2019

This week I try to convert Heather into a Tom Cruise fan by showing her the 2013 sci fi film Oblivion, where we discuss life in a boring space apartment, the appeal of seeing Tom Cruise wrestle himself, the sexist double standards of fashion in the future & space pod harlots.


Find Heather on insta: @hacklock

Episode 2 - Rock of Ages

Monday 2nd September 2019

In episode two I am joined by Emma Livingstone who helps review the 2012 musical 'Rock of Ages'. Join us as we laugh at one of the tackiest (and yet embarassingly enjoyable) movies we've ever seen where we discuss putting tongues in things, silver dragon codpieces, dad rock, bad romances and singing into butts?


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Episode 1 - The Mummy

Monday 26th August 2019

This is the very 1st episode of Cruisin' for a Reviewsin' featuring special guest Matt Hofmann, who helped kick start my Tom Cruise obsession! In this episode we discuss the 2017 film 'The Mummy' which was extremely divisive when it came out. Join us as we chat about the failed Dark Universe, hot mummies and that crashing plane scene.


Find Matt on instagram: @matthofmann


Monday 26th August 2019

A quick intro to the new Tom Cruise movie reviews podcast, hosted by Cara Westworth.


Artwork by Emetic Art