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Episode 58 - Jack Reacher: Never Go Back

I'm mixing up the format for this episode by having another guest who has already seen the film & also we barely discuss the film at all. I am joined by Maria Lewis who absolutely hates this film & explains to me why the 1st Jack Reacher film was so god in her professional opinion. Join us as we discuss internet cafes, big cums, Halloween street parties, pointless daughters, vampires & a million other things that barely relate to this movie.


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Episode 57 - Jack Reacher (part 2)

Nick & I finish up this very silly review of the film that should've been called Mad Lad: Left Right Good Night, this time discussing the concept of drinking someone's blood from a boot, smashing skulls like cans of Pasito, slobberknocker fights in the rain & the fact Jack Reacher definitely would be anti vaxx. 


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Episode 56 - Jack Reacher (part 1)

I am joined by Nick for this review which might be one of the most raucous ones yet! We spend 90% of our time screeching with laughter about how silly this film is, including such bizarre topics such as milk cops, dying from a kick in the taint, being forced to eat your own thumbs & man mounds. 


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Episode 55 - TAPS (part 2)

As Bart & I conclude our review of TAPS, we realise how much of a bummer this film is! Turns out a film about fanatical youths caught up in the military industrial complex isn't a total hoot. Who knew? Join us as we discuss Toms ripped bod (again), what on earth the National Guard is & how few uniforms they seem to have, psychological warfare & how Scientology made Tom Cruise's voice better.


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Episode 54 - TAPS  (part 1)

There aren't many Tom Cruise films that have been lost to the ages but TAPS seems to be one of the rare ones that very few people are aware of. I am joined by Bart to discuss this film about a military school & its fanatical students trying to save it from closure. Join us as we discuss rhythmic gun-nastics, the many outfit changes (including an abundance of sashes), children having access to guns & mortars, Sex & the City and war crimes aplenty! 


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